HumLife 360 is an end-end comprehensive platform that allows the person with Diabetes Type II to manage their Lifestyle. Using the HumLife360 solutions components spread across mobile devices and motivational inputs, community support, we assist our subscribers to drive a balance between the needs of regulating Diabetes and the real requirement of living a full life in spite of it.
For the individual, we customize our methods and approach with a view to keep our subscriber on the path to success. i.e. an eventual lowering of Blood Sugar levels and/or HbA1C levels.  We recognize that our approach is novel and its takes time for to embrace sustained habit forming change. That is where our cutting edge technology works in a manner to understand each individual unique motivational needs.
For the community, we have a unique approach as well. We are determined to prevent the spread of Diabetes; we take this as seriously as we take our solution to help people manage it. Our proprietary technology allows us to classify an individual very narrowly in regards to their diabetes propensity. It’s a first in the industry and allows to to tailor our assistance in ways that were just not possible before.


The Doer Team
Jeff Foy
Keeps us all on our toes. Knows exactly what’s going on out there. Keeps showing us what we need to do to be #1. Charming, but tenacious and leaves no corner unexplored, even the empty ones!
Aaron Turner
By his own admission, unsocial and pessimistic, he turns into a fiend when solving huge problems, since that is what he likes to do. Also affable and smiling at times, he does all the things with Neural Networks that we say we do.
Ms. Suman Birla
Part Dietitian, part magician is the best she can be described. She works wonders with creative Indian diets. She’s exploring new ingredient substitutions to help our Customers across the world.
Harsh Mulik
He’s the one that got everyone mixed up in this mess. Woke up one day, thought he saw a problem that could be solved. He is a diabetic himself. Talked with Aaron who joined up and rest is…well…the present.
Dr. Ajay Kakar
A brilliant doctor with a genius for Computer Science, music and a penchant for solving problems. Lectures and advises around the world.
Krishnamurthy Vijayan
Ex.CMD JP Morgan, trailblazing entrepreneur, social activist, financial advisor to State Govt., his nuggets of advise very often start with the phrase ‘Let’s be a little careful here…
Dr. Prasad Gourineni
Honesty, Integrity, and a direct approach to problems makes him stand out anywhere. A huge proponent of reversal of Diabetes, everything about HL360 Diabetes education is his doing.
Jean Morooney
After a lifetime of studying human behavior, she has a thing or two she could talk about ! By far the nicest person you could ever call a friend, she makes sure the HL360 behavioral perspectives do not ever wander off into lulu land!



Shake It
Shake It!

Innovative and different from the beaten track, we aim to invograte as much as we intend to exercise. Interested? Contact us

2 August, 2014 in  Highlights
Eat IT !

What’s different here? Think global ingredient substitution! Contact us to participate

6 November, 2014 in  Highlights

Think you cant loose weight to win a contest? Think again; we make it really exciting!. Contact us to join up

5 November, 2014 in  Highlights

Keep yourself and your loved ones involved in your lifestyle. Share only what necessary, but share to achieve and share to win together! The HL360GO! is unique in that is keeps you informed, keeps your support with easy reach, keep your whole family engaged and turns an irritant into entertainment. Reserve yours now and get a huge discount!